Building an Integration Agile Digital Enterprise.

Rohitha Liyanagama
1 min readJun 12, 2021


This write-up is based on one of the met-up sessions we did under the Brownfield intention in digital transformation. During the session, we covered some demonstration scenarios with the WSO2 Enterprise integrator, including full CI/CD pipeline implementation with Docker and Kubernetes.

As per the current era, transforming a conventional business into a digital one is essential to increase revenue and productivity. Integrating heterogeneous systems and building an ecosystem with integrated components is a fundamental requirement for this.

Most modern systems support integration with other systems through APIs that are exposed to well-known protocols and standards. However, it is hard to expect all existing systems of an organization to integrate with other systems. Certain legacy systems will only be replaced a few years down the line.

Therefore, the challenge is to drive all these existing systems towards integration in quick succession while ensuring the agility to make any changes in the future. This video discussed how you could use the lean, enterprise-ready, high-performing WSO2 Integration Platform to solve integration and innovation challenges that organizations face when performing brownfield integration.

Discussion topics include

  • Integrating with systems that talk in standard protocols and non-standard/ proprietary protocols
  • Integrating with legacy systems using techniques such as file-based integration
  • Sharing existing data from different sources as services
  • Ensuring guaranteed delivery of messages
  • Future-proofing your integrations by leveraging containerized deployments using Docker and Kubernetes( CI/CD flow of WSO2 EI using K8S )

Please refer to the below youtube video, which includes our meetup discussion.

Slide deck.



Rohitha Liyanagama

Enterprise software architect, Director Solution architecture — WSO2 .